LE BON BEAT – Episode 9

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Le Bon Beat is back on Soas Radio! Back with a particularly moody vibe it has to be said. Many of the tracks we are featuring this week have this certain je-ne-sais-quoi. A mix of melancholy and unstoppable energy that had somewhat been less present in hiphop over the past few years. All the artists we are showcasing tonight are true poets as well as incredible technicians of the rhyme. The topics they touch are profound, personal and intimate. The productions supporting them are, as usual on Le Bon Beat, sure to get you hooked up. Deep bass, irresistible jazz swings and mysterious samples await. We hope you’ll enjoy the show!

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Le Bon Beat #9 – Track List

**_Artist – Track Name (Album Name – Year)

01_NTM – Back dans les Bacs (Supreme NTM – 1998)

02_Lomepal – A Ce Soir feat. Vidji, L’Essayiste & Jean Jass (Cette Foutue Perle – 2013)
Listen on Deezer – http://www.deezer.com/album/6871053

03_Casseurs Flowters – Les Putes Et Moi (Gringe et Orelsan sont les Casseurs Flowters – 2013)
Listen on Deezer – http://www.deezer.com/album/7069086

04_Lomepal – Cette Foutue Perle (Cette Foutue Perle – 2013)
Listen on Deezer – http://www.deezer.com/album/6871053

05_La Microfaune – Balade en Ville prod. Vax1 (Des Blattes Errent – 2012)
Free Download: http://www.megafaune.eu/

06_Lucio Bukowski & Mani Deiz – Marvin Hagler Avec Un Mic (La Noblesse de l’Echec – 2013)
Listen and Doanload on Bandcamp: https://luciobukowski2.bandcamp.com/album/la-noblesse-de-lechec

07_K.Oni & Rezo – Réflexion (Réflexion – 2013)
Listen and Doanload on Bandcamp: http://rezoprods.bandcamp.com/album/reflexion-instrumentale

08_Veence Hanao – Dictaphone III – Sky Dans La Gueule (Loweina Laurae – 2013)
Listen and Doanload on Bandcamp: https://veencehanao.bandcamp.com/album/loweina-laurae

09_Veence Hanao – Chasse & Peche (Loweina Laurae – 2013)
Listen and Doanload on Bandcamp: https://veencehanao.bandcamp.com/album/loweina-laurae

10_Vax1 – Illusion feat Hippocampe Fou, Double A, Barbiok (Dans Mes Veines – 2013)
Listen and Doanload on Bandcamp: https://vax1.bandcamp.com/album/dans-mes-veines

11_K-Oni & Rezo – J’y Crois Encore feat. Kenyon, Sear Lui-Meme & DJ Sleem (Réflexion – 2013)
Listen on Deezer – http://www.deezer.com/album/6946328

All Instrumentals by La Fine Equipe, from the exceptional albums La Boulangerie (2008) and La Boulangerie 2 (2011)

And please, if you like them, do support the artists. Nearly all of the albums we’ve been playing on this show have been released over the past two years, most of the time auto-produced and without the support of any major company or record label. Those are works of love, passion and dedication, a small gesture towards them can go a long way.

Thanks to you all for tuning in.

Peace out and we’ll see you soon.


LE BON BEAT – Episode 8

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LBB_007 LBB_013 LBB_014 LBB_015 LBB_002 LBB_012

This episode has been conceived as a pure joy ride for all hiphop music lovers.

As this might be our last episode for a little while, we had to dig deep and deliver the best, trying to showcase the multiple facets of the french hiphop scene, as it has been custom with Le Bon Beat.

So we are starting this show with instropective and socially conscious lyrics and beats, before drifting towards the core of the hiphop movement and some irresistible tunes, before finishing on a very chilled out note and faring you goodbye…for now.

Thanks to everyone who supported the show and came down to our Le Bon Beat Live Music and Painting nights. We will be around soon, keep sharing our Facebook Page and blog, www.lebonbeat.wordpress.com, follow us on Twitter, and download the podcasts for free on iTunes for all our previous episodes.

Merci a tous!

Le Bon Beat Episode 8 – Track List

## – Artist – Track – Album – Year

01 – Rocé – Ma saleté d’Espérance – Identité En Crescendo – 2006
02 – Mysa – Mes Excuses – Les Poésies Du Chaos – 2007
03 – Le Rat Luciano – A Bas Les Illusions – Mode De Vie…Beton Style – 2000
04 – Shurik’n – La Ou Je Vis – Ou Je Vis – 1998
05 – Lucio Bukowski & Mani Deiz (cuts: Kashflow) – Marvin Hagler Avec Un Mic – La Noblesse De L’Echec – 2013
06 – Lucio Bukowski & MIlka feat. Anton Serra – J’Ecris – Lucio Milkowski vol.3 – 2013
07 – Akhenaton – Je Combats Avec Mes Demons – Meteque Et Mat – 1995
08 – Anton Serra – Zairo – Frandjos – 2013
09 – GREMS – Shlag Music – Vampires – 2013
10 – Phases Cachées feat. Milk, Coffee & Sugar – What Else! – Boules A Facettes – 2013
11. Odezenne – Impalpable – Sans Chantilly – 2008
12. 5 Majeur – Chillance – Vibrations – 2013

LE BON BEAT – Episode 7

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 LBB_011  LBB_001LBB_006

LE BON BEAT Episode 7 – Summer Vibes

Le Bon Beat is back with its show number 7 to bring you positive vibes at the time when spring finally shows up and the final exams looms for many of you. Featuring a flurry of fresh tracks from the nineties to the present day that scream summer and sunshine, you will hear classics that every car and boombox in France were blasting at some point during summertime. A show featuring many more commercial successes than usual then, as this freshness and lightheartedness is indeed also one of the many faces of the vibrant culture that is French hip hop. So lay back, enjoy, and let us take you to a ride along the sunny South of France highways and seasides.

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Our next Le Bon Beat night is happening this Thursday April 18th at The 3 Compasses in Dalston. Live Music, Live Painting, Local MC’s, friendly people and a great atmosphere, this is the one you don’t wanna miss, we hope to see plenty of you down there!

Thanks for tuning in, keep fresh and enjoy the show!

LE BON BEAT Episode 7 – Tracklist

## – Artist – Track – Album

Intro by DJ Mast – Just Scratchin’

01 – NTM – Ma Benz – Supreme NTM (1998)
02 – AKH feat. La Fonky Family – Bad Boys de Marseille – Meteque et Mat (1995)
03 – Soklak feat. Sept – Seventies Team – 1977 (2006)
04 – Triptik feat. DJ Pone – Bouge Tes Cheveux – Microphonorama (2001)
05 – Interlude – Saian Supa Crew – Ring My Bell – KLR (1999)
06 – Micronologie – Le Son qui Deheboite – Art, Rythme, Ethique (2006)
07 – Anton Serra – Pelociraptor – Sales Gones (2012)
08 – 1995 – La Flemme – La Source (2012)
09 – Chinese Man Records – Artichaut – The Indie Groove EP (2007)
10 – La Clinique – La Playa – Tout Saigne (1999)
11 – Rouge a Levres – Belle a Contre-Jour – Maquillage (2005)

LE BON BEAT – Episode 6

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In the light of the recent events in Mali and the military involvement of France there, Le Bon Beat invites you on its 6th edition to explore the relations post-colonialism between France and Africa through the eyes of the french rappers, most of them being sons of immigrants of the 2nd or 3rd generation. This is a show probably more socially and politically conscious than what you’ve been used to, as this social consciousness has been a determining factor of French HipHop since it started its rise in the late 80’s. A show about immigration then, identity and integration, featuring strong beats and lyrics which are sure to capture your interest.

Also worthy of note, this show is the first one to feature live Flute-over-Beats interludes by none other than Drew Le Prod our producer. A little taste of what you can expect at our Le Bon Beat events and nights!
Shout out to excellent french producer “DJ Logilo” too, as we have been using many of his instrumentals as backgrounds for the show. You can find plenty of his work here >> http://www.logilo.com/

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There are plenty more infos and tracks up there about the artists we play, new french HH releases, and we will start soon to add links to lyrics of the tracks we play so you can have a more in depth understanding of the artists messages and concerns.

Finally, make sure you watch this space for updates on the Le Bon Beat Live Nights that we will be bringing to you at The Three Compasses in Dalston from Thursday February 28th, and the Hip Hop U Don’t Stop nights that we host alongside our friends of The Soul Partizan Family Tree at The Hoxton White Horse in Shoreditch every month.

Thanks for Listening, Keep your Heads Bobbin’ and Thinkin’

Peace Out!

Drew Le Producer & The Man From Montpellier

LE BON BEAT Episode 6 –  Tracklist

## : Artist – Track -Album -Year

01: Rocé – Je Chante La France – Identité en Crescendo – 2006
02: ATK – Des Maux – Silence Radio – Inedits 2007
03: Arsenik – Une Saison Blanche et Seche – Quelques Gouttes Suffisent – 1998
04: Fabe – Un Nuage Sans Fin – Détournement de Son – 1998
05: Ideal J – Le Combat Continue – Le Combat Continue – 1998
06: 3eme Oeil – Le Monde Est Grand – Opinion sur rue Vol.2 (Compilation) – 2005
07: Akhenaton – Méteque Et Mat – Méteque Et Mat – 1995
08: La Rumeur – Le Cuir use d’une valise – 2002
09: Idir feat.Oxmo Puccino – Pélerinage – La France Des Couleurs – 2007
10: Rocca – Aux Frontieres du Réel – Entre Deux Mondes – 1997
11: La Harissa – O Emigrante – Portos Ricos – 1997

LE BON BEAT – Episode 5

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This episode of Le Bon Beat sure packs a lot of punch, with a flory of freshly released tracks, and our very first guests on the show!! Badmann and Koi Castela join us to celebrate the release of Koi’s single, Stone, and the upcoming HipHop U Don’t Stop night they will be hosting with us and the SoulPartizan Family Tree on the 19th of October at the Hoxton WhiteHorse!!

Le Bon Beat episode 5 – Tracklist

## – Artist – Track (Album, Year)

01 – Deen Burnigo – Soldat Sur (Inception,2012)
02 – Nemir feat. Alpha Wann – Wake Up (2012)
03 – Le Rat Luciano – Tout et Rien (Mode de Vie…Beton Style, 2000)
04 – Koi Castella – Stone feat. Bobo Blackstar (Single: Stone, coming 19th Oct 2012)
05 – Freestyle: Badmann & Koi Castella
06 – Vicelow – Avenue martin Luther King (BT 2.0, 2012)
07 – Leeroy – A l’Aise (coup de Masue, vol.3, 2009)
08 – Dico – Keskispassavoinx feat. Cidji & Le Berger (La Mousse, 2012)
09 – Djunz – Pendules a l’heure feat. Moudjad & Kohndo (Sofa Musique, 2012)
10 – Badmann – Bouillant (Freestyle)

HIP HOP U DON’T STOP – Episode 2

Our second night in partnership with the SOUL PARTIZAN Family Tree is on!!

Join us on the 19th of October at The Hoxton Whitehorse in Shoreditch for a French/US hiphop combo. Live performances, bouncing tracks, a great crowds and a few drinks, and it’s a FREE ENTRY!! You really couldn’t ask for more! Brrraaapp!